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  • "I got a 1 in both STEP II and III which I could not have done without Alice! I would definetly highly recommend Alice to anyone doing STEP, or for interviews or anything really! Before I started lessons I thought there was no way I could possibly achieve my offer (1,1)! STEP looked so daunting and terrifying! But Alice helped change my way of thinking, and by working with her I became so much more confident! She has an amazing personality, so lessons with her were so much fun! You won't regret learning with her! She's awesome!!! :)"
  • Joanna Zhao, 2012 [1,1, on STEP II and III, in Lower 6th]

  • "Alice is a great teacher because unlike others, she doesn't just stop at explaining how to solve a problem - she makes sure you thoroughly understand the underlying concepts as well. Besides face-to-face classes, we had a couple of online classes when I was away on holiday. I found the online classes very convenient, and in some ways they were even better than face-to-face classes because I had time to mull things over in my head! Alice's help was invaluable."
  • Jackie Oh, 2008.

  • ".. . highly recommend Dr. Auld to anyone considering taking the STEP exams in Mathematics for entry into Cambridge or other UK universities."
  • John Bell

  • "I found [the tuition] really useful because it gave me a much better idea of what I should be working on, and how to approach the more difficult problems."
  • Sanhita Sapatnekar

  • "I managed to achieve an S-grade in step II and a grade 1 in step III, which I'm sure I couldn't have done without Alice's tuition."
  • Bramen Singha