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Please note that if you cannot already answer STEP questions, the classes may be too difficult for you to follow.
If you are unsure, please request some material from me to look at or book a private session with me.

  • February Half term 2018: 5-day STEP I / II Topics Course

    This course covers all of the syllabus for STEP I and II, and provides the essential topic basis for STEP III.
    The topics covered on this course are: ALGEBRA, FUNCTIONS and CURVES; NUMBER THEORY and CALCULUS; TRIGONOMETRY and TRIGONOMETRIC INTEGRATION [one of the most important topics for STEP, and especially STEP III]; SEQUENCES, SERIES and COMBINATORICS; VECTORS.
    This course also covers specific techniques for STEP that occur within these topics, as well as more general question technique.

    Notes are provided for each topic.

    [Please note - the syllabus for STEP I and II is the same].

  • Easter Holiday 2018: 9-day STEP II / III Course

    This course covers all of the Pure topics and techniques required for STEP I,II and III, plus a Statistics and probability class.
    It is aimed at Cambridge applicants with a standard STEP II and III offer, so the level of this course is high.

  • All classes are held in Central London, and classes run from 11.15am until 16.30 daily.

    Notes are provided for all of the courses.

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